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Project Overview


Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation (VAFFC), a consortium owned by most of the major airlines serving Vancouver International Airport (YVR), is building an aviation fuel delivery system to serve YVR.


The new delivery system includes a Marine Terminal and Fuel Receiving Facility on the South Arm of the Fraser River and a 13-kilometre underground pipeline to YVR. The system will meet the long term fuel requirements of the airlines and airport, and be constructed to modern building, seismic, fire, and environmental codes to achieve the highest level of safety and reliability.


Project Need

The project is needed because the existing fuel delivery system is at maximum capacity and cannot meet the airport’s growing fuel demand. Currently, the existing fuel delivery system must be supplemented by 70 fuel tanker truck deliveries per day (2,000 per month) which are required to meet the airport’s peak fuel demand. Without a new fuel delivery system, the expected growth in fuel demand at YVR will have to be supplied by tanker truck deliveries, which could result in an additional 500 trucks on the road each month.  For example, one new daily flight from Asia would require an additional 80 tanker truck deliveries each month. Reliance on tanker trucks is not sustainable to meet the fuel demand at a major international airport. The project will allow for the safe, secure and reliable supply of fuel to YVR for the long term.


Project Benefits

With a secure and long-term competitive fuel supply, the project will help ensure that YVR remains a key economic generator and critical part of British Columbia's role as Canada's Pacific Gateway. The project will have a smaller environmental footprint than the existing fuel delivery system. The project's spill prevention and response strategies for the Fraser River are robust and go well beyond industry standards and best practices, and will enhance the response capability on the Fraser River to the benefit of all other users on the river. It will also significantly reduce the dependence on tanker truck deliveries.


Project Approval

VAFFC received environmental approval in December 2013 from the provincial and federal governments following more than a decade of comprehensive planning, research, review and consultation, including seven open houses and more than 80 meetings with stakeholders.


Construction of the new system is currently underway. The system is currently scheduled to be fully operational by January 2023. Please note construction schedules are subject to change based on evolving project needs and weather.


Marine Terminal


Fuel Receiving Facility





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Project Overview

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