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Fuel Receiving Facility


The Fuel Receiving Facility will be located on industrial zoned, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority land adjacent to the Marine Terminal. No agricultural land will be required.


The facility will include six steel above-ground storage tanks with a total capacity of about 80 million litres. 


The tanks will be located on the landward side of the dike at the foot of Williams Road. They will be approximately 14 metres high compared to the surrounding land, and partially hidden behind a two- to three-metre high containment berm.


A new, 500 metre-long underground pipeline will transfer offloaded jet fuel from the marine terminal to the storage tanks.


The facility will:


  • Comply with both federal and provincial storage tank regulations
  • Be built to modern storage tank and seismic design requirements
  • Provide secondary containment features for all fuel storage and handling areas
  • Incorporate emissions control systems
  • Incorporate modern corrosion protection, leak detection and flow control systems
  • Be automated, monitored 24/7 and electronically safeguarded through eletronic video surveillance
  • Be controlled and monitored by on-site operations personnel during all offloading, fuel transfer and fuel handling activities
  • Supplementary to fire department services and fire water supply, the facility and public areas will also be protected from fire with a state-of-the-art detection system and suppression system including tank cooling water and foam injection.



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