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The new pipeline will be about 13 kilometres long and 355 millimetres (about 14 inches) in diameter. The pipeline will be buried approximately 10 metres underground for most of its route, and at least 2.5 metres underground along Bridgeport Road.


The pipeline will consist of specialty steel pipe manufactured in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard A53 (Grade B) and will installed to the standards established by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard Z662-03 for Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems. The pipeline installation and operation will be regulated by the BC Oil and Gas Commission.


Construction will include extensive use of directional drilling (particularly for water body crossings and intersections) to mitigate potential environmental impacts and avoid disruption of vehicle and marine vessel traffic.


Prior to commissioning, the pipeline will be thoroughly tested and cleaned in accordance with construction and operational requirements, and clearly marked along its entire length. Similar to all other utility installation, location information will be provided to the City of Richmond and locator services.




Modern pipeline systems have the benefit of precise locating technologies, new materials and coatings, and high-tech installation techniques to reduce disturbances during construction.


The pipeline systems will:


  • Be constructed with resilient materials to current seismic design standards
  • Be controlled and monitored by operations personnel during all fuel transfer activities
  • Be pressurized only during fuel transfer operations between the Fuel Receiving Facility and YVR (not 24/7)
  • Include state-of-the-art corrosion protection and leak detection technologies
  • Be buried underground and well-marked, mapped and electronically located for reference by municipal and private contractors
  • Be monitored by a control system using pressure sensors and automatic flow shutoff devices



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