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Public safety and environmental protection are fundamental priorities for this project. It will be built to modern building, seismic, fire and environmental codes to achieve the highest levels of safety and reliability.


As part of a rigorous five-year coordinated federal and provincial environmental review process, VAFFC engaged experts in spill modelling and effects, and consulted thoroughly with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Evironment Canada, Ministry of Environment and Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, among others, to develop specific protection and response strategies.


The project's spill prevention and response plan for the Fraser River will be robust and go well beyond industry standards and best practices, and will ultimately enhance the response capability on the Fraser River to the benefit of all other users on the river. Local statistics and extensive analysis on the effects of jet fuel demonstrate that the possibility of a spill is extremely low and the effects short-lived.


In addition, an independent Fraser River Tanker Traffic Study commissioned by Vancouver Fraser Port Authority concluded that aviation fuel can be transported safely on the river.


Marine Terminal


Fuel Receiving Facility





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